Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand

Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand

Learning about diffusion from experiences in other countries

This project aims to learn lessons from the successful diffusion of a selection of low-energy innovations in other European countries. Proposed case studies are: a) micro-generation of electricity in Germany (which blurs traditional distinctions between production and consumption), b) whole-house retrofits in Germany, Austria, and Sweden, c) district heating systems in Nordic countries, and d) urban light-rail systems in France, Germany, and Switzerland. In-depth studies of these cases will investigate how these innovations struggled against existing ‘socio-technical regimes’ (on economic, technical, cultural, and political dimensions) and which co-evolutionary alignments helped to overcome inertia and cause diffusion to accelerate, leading to tipping points and breakthroughs.


Frank Geels frank.geels@mbs.ac.uk

Viki Johnson victoria.johnson-2@manchester.ac.uk