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A socio-technical proposal for implementation of 100% clean and renewable wind and sunlight in the UK


In order to avoid the increasing risk of further devastating global warming, every region, country and continent must establish an energy roadmap based on clean, reliable, cost-efficient energy technologies. This study presents the roadmap for the United Kingdom (UK) with a special emphasis on the risks and challenges of developing onshore wind and solar projects in the UK. If the roadmap plans are fully implemented by 2050 it is estimated that the UK annually will avoid more than 20,000 air-pollution deaths, create more than 350,000 new jobs and become energy- independent from the European mainland. However, optimized socio-technical resource assessments must be carried out in a mix with a strong energy policy, in order for the UK to reach such ambitious targets. This study provides an insight to the potential location of future wind and solar installations including access to an interactive map benefiting the stakeholders in renewable energy industry in the UK.


Dr Peter Enevoldsen has been working in the wind industry for six years. He is currently a research product owner at Envision Energy A/S and an assistant professor at The Centre for Energy Technologies at Aarhus University, Denmark. His PhD focused on managing and minimizing the risks of deploying wind turbines in Northern European forests, which includes everything from modelling wind conditions above forest canopies, to construction of project development models based on the socio-political risks and challenges associated with wind turbines in forested areas. Peter Enevoldsen has published journal papers in various top journals targeting different topics related to renewable energy technologies, and he furthermore acts as editorial board member and reviewer of several scientific journals. He is presently contributing to the construction of the New European Wind Atlas, and is furthermore the founder of the Global Socio-Technical Wind Atlas (EnScope). +