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CIED investigates the drivers and barriers to low energy innovations throughout the economy and the implications of these innovations for energy demand. We aim to uncover the processes and mechanisms through which different types of innovations become (or fail to become) established, identify the role of different groups, explore the resulting impacts on energy demand, and develop recommendations for both facilitating the diffusion of such innovations and maximising their long-term impact.

Sexy ideas won't slow climate change if people don't buy in and buy them 

Home Energy efficiency is a “win-win” says UK Energy Committee report, which cites CIED research

UK needs to rethink its fuel poverty strategy

Fuel poverty research presented to Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Take 7 is a short film made by SPRU researcher, Nicolette Fox, that follows the energy stories of seven families over four seasons and the influence that solar power has had on their lives. Its production was part-funded by CIED. 


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