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How we create a clean energy future


This seminar reviews the latest technological developments in the energy sector, the movements towards decentralization and smart grids, then addresses how all market participants can work together to eliminate carbon emissions in our energy supply. It addresses the government’s energy policy in the past 10 years and discusses how changes in policy due to short term thinking, special interests and inconsistencies due to changes in leadership, have inhibited short term progress.  This seminar will demonstrate how the evolution towards clean energy will occur regardless of who is in power because of consumer behavior, justice, community energy and the market economy.


Kayla Ente is founder and CEO of Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo), a not for profit, social enterprise bringing equity into the energy market.  BHESCo has developed 35 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the past three years.  Kayla Ente applies her 20 years of experience in the energy sector to develop partnerships with industry to drive innovation forward by introducing new finance models to support the uptake of clean technologies, new business models to support the development of clean energy initiatives, like peer to peer electricity trading, heat networks in communities off the gas grid and smart grids with battery storage.  Kayla is passionate about the ability of clean energy to provide low cost heating to everyone, bringing equal access to energy for all, including our most vulnerable people.  Through its fuel poverty work to date, BHESCo has helped more than 1,343 individuals and businesses save £152,000 on their energy bills, avoiding 245 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere each year.