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Climate and Energy Governance for the UK Low Carbon Transition: Exploring the Climate Change Act 2008


Dr Muinzer has written and just published the first monograph on the UK’s pioneering Climate Change Act: Climate and Energy Governance for the UK Low Carbon Transition: The Climate Change Act 2008 (Palgrave: UK, 2018). This talk focuses on the issues, strengths and problems pertaining to this major legislative regime in the area of decarbonisation, as explored in his book.


Dr Thomas L Muinzer is from Northern Ireland, and undertook his qualifying law degree and other legal qualifications at Queen’s University Belfast.  After receiving his Doctorate he taught in the Law School and the Planning Department at Queen’s University, then was appointed Lecturer in Law at Stirling University, Scotland, where he has been Co-Director of the Law School’s major dual-stream LLM/MSc Masters programme over 2016-2018. Dr Muinzer will commence a new position as Lecturer in Energy Law at Dundee University’s Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, at the beginning of December 2018.  His research centres on the UK Low Carbon Transition, and climate and energy governance.