Research Fellow, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford

Dr Debbie Hopkins is a Research Fellow in Low Carbon Mobility and Energy Demand at the Transport Studies Unit, and a Junior Research Fellow in Geography at Mansfield College, University of Oxford. Debbie has a master’s degree (with distinction) in geography from King’s College London,  Prior to joining TSU, Debbie was a Research Fellow on the Energy Cultures II research programme at the Centre for Sustainability (Otago). She also completed postdoctoral training at the Centre for Sustainability and the Otago Climate Change Network (OCCNet). Debbie is an environmental social scientist and human geographer, with research expertise in socio-spatial interpretations and experiences of environmental issues. Her research is broadly concerned with the social dimensions of climate change, the social practice of mobilities, and low-carbon mobility transitions. Her empirical research includes investigations of urban freight, adolescent mobility trends, virtual mobilities, collaborative consumption, and academic mobilities.


shipping containers stacked
The energy implications of automated and smart freight mobility

What are the expected impacts of automated vehicles and smart mobility on energy demand in UK freight transport? How are these technological innovations legitimised by industry, policymakers and other actors? This project aims to find out.


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