CIED ended in February 2019. This website is now archived and will be no longer updated.
Communications and Public Engagement Officer

Suzanne Fisher-Murray joined CIED in February 2016 as the Communications and Engagement Officer. Suzanne has worked as a journalist, editor and writer for over 16 years. She has helped non-governmental and research organisations share their research and demonstrate impact, written and edited policy reports and led website redesigns and edited hundreds of blogs and website pages. She has also produced features and documentaries for the BBC World Service and developed educational radio drama series from Burkina Faso and Rwanda in Africa. She has a Masters in Environment and Development (distinction) from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Suzanne has recently moved to a new research communications role within the Research Quality and Impact team at the University of Sussex.


Screenshot of CIED website. Credit: CIED
CIED’s new website

As you have likely seen, the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand has a new website. Our main aim for doing this work was make sure that you could find our great research more easily. We also wanted to build it on a web content management system that was easier to use than our current content management system and with responsive design.

Transforming the Low Energy Housing sector

“Insulation is not sexy. Energy efficiency is not sexy. Putting more insulation in your walls that you will never see and you will never even know is there, is not sexy.  But your bills are a bit lower,” said Alex Hunt, a sustainable building consultant and partner with Bright Green Homes. Is it time for …

Makerspaces: Creating inclusive spaces for sustainable innovations

Making stuff is all the rage these days. But how does sustainable development fit into this enthusiasm? The White House is celebrating a Week of Making from June 16-23 2016 after hosting its first Maker Faire in 2014 to spark a “grassroots renaissance in American making and manufacturing“. The hope is that by exposing people …