CIED ended in February 2019. This website is now archived and will be no longer updated.

CIED’s new website

As you have likely seen, the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand has a new website. Our main aim for doing this work was make sure that you could find our great research more easily. We also wanted to build it on a web content management system that was easier to use than our current content management system and with responsive design.

Here’s an overview of some of the main changes.

Theme pages

We have regrouped the Centre’s work into six key themes to make our research more accessible to those who are new to our work. The new themes are: Housing and Buildings, Urban Transport, Accelerating Innovation, Industry, Energy Justice and Energy productivity.

Those pages act as ‘aggregators’ pulling together CIED-related news stories, blogs, publications and projects etc, relevant to those themes. They aim to give you a snapshot of our research and work.

Worried by change? We have still maintained the themes we used on the old site – emergence, diffusion and impact as well.

Responsive design built on Word Press content management system

Our old website wasn’t responsive, meaning that elements didn’t move and resize according to the width of the browser on the device (such as tablets or mobile phones) being used to view it. Given that “the UK has become a smartphone society” with users spending around two hours online each day on one, double that spent on a laptop or PCS, according to Ofcom, this was an urgent priority. Our new website is responsive – check our new website out on your mobile phone and let us know what you think.

People pages

Previously our staff were only featured as a long list. Now they each have their own page, which aggregates their publications, blogs and links to their google scholar and other social media pages.

This should help you find out more about particular researchers and their work quickly.

People behind the pretty design

The website was built by Simon Colmer from Brighton WordPress Developer and project managed by Suzanne Fisher-Murray. The whole communications team at CIED has helped out in some way to get the website built in record time. Thanks everyone!

We hope you like our new website. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.