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CIED research on low energy housing highlighted in a joint workshop with Energy Saving Trust

A workshop on 9 February 2017 shared findings from a two-year Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) research project, which focuses on how intermediary organisations can facilitate and advance low energy housing projects. The workshop, which brought together key stakeholders from government, housing industry and campaigning organisations aimed to identify and discuss new directions for low energy housing policy in the UK.

Credit: CIED.

Dr Paula Kivimaa and Dr Mari Martiskainen from CIED organised the workshop, together with the Energy Saving Trust. The CIED researchers said that at a time when national policy support for the sector is minimal, dedicated intermediaries, such as architects, or annual eco home events, which bring together different groups to share ideas and plan, are vital for inspiring and driving low energy housing projects forward.

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Photo Credit: By Justin Kern. Wrigley Building reflected in Pioneer Plaza—Sony RX1. All Creative Commons.